The Tooth Ninja

Village Attack Trapped Dream
"Snowying" by fiddleoak.
"Starlight" by ChaoticMind75.
"Snowstorm" by Beaulawrence.
"Misty winter afternoon" by Bert Kaufmann.
"Good Morning!" by Frank Wuestefeld.

The word is out the Tooth Ninja is coming for your lost teeth!

The Tooth Ninja has arrived!

Thanks to a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign, the book was able to go to print. After careful selection on which printing service we wanted to use we finally found one that took quality into as much consideration as we did. After going back and forth several times, approving or diapproving proofs, we were able to approve the final. We have been patiently awaiting the arrival of the printed books and are proud to say they have finally arrived. UPS pulled into the driveway and unloaded 27 boxes of books. With the money from Kickstarter we were able to print 1000 books. As a gift, the first 1000 books will be personally signed by Stephanie and she has hand written a word on the back cover as well. This will set the first editions apart from any of the Tooth Ninja books printed in the future. Looks like Stephanie is going to be busy.

So you didn't get a chance to grab a copy through Kickstarter? Or you don't know who this Tooth Ninja guy is? Don't worry you're not too late........

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How can you help The Tooth Ninja?

His story will be a 28 page full color hard bound book & eBook for those that love their electronics. By going with a hard bound book  this will be a book that can be read over and over and be handed down to future generations of teeth losers. In order for the Tooth Ninja to continue to protect his village he needs people to know about him. Please click the link below to support The Tooth Ninja in getting the word out.

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